Thanks to the liquid bases for artisan ice cream produced with our plant...

You will be able to export the quality of your ice cream all over the world!

With our plants specially designed for UHT processing for delicate products, you can export your ITALIAN HANDMADE ICE  CREAM wherever you wish without having to use the cold chain and ensuring a long shelf-life (1 year) without affecting its characteristics. 

You will always have fresh homemade ice creamready in just 7 minutes!

No yellowing and no burnt flavor
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All in One system

Many advantages in one plant.A winning product for an amazing result.

Sono tanti i benefit nel produrre le tue basi gelato con il nostro impianto All In One.

  • Long shelf life product (up to 12 months)
  • Sterilized at 140°C with no change in color or taste
  • Reduced transportation costs (no need for cold chain), the product can travel at room temperature (max 20°C)
  • Small production batches: from 200 to 1000 l/h
  • Shelf-life of 1 year (storage at room temperature – max 20°C)
  • Quick to make
  • Stable and even mixture
  • Always the same quality wherever it is whipped
Ultra heat treatment plants - INDIRECT system
  1. Ingredients and blending preparation line
  2. UHT sterilisation line up to 140°C equipped with homogeniser and cooling unit up to 8°C
  3. Bag in box packaging line
  4. BAG IN BOX Sterile bags available from 3 to 10 liters and over. Suitable for professional use, they assure long shelf life (12 months) at room temperature.

Reasons why our plant is UNIQUE on the market:


Spiratherm No-Bac heat exchangers that, thanks to a fully sealed pressurization system, guarantee initial sterilization and protect against possible contamination during product processing.


A high-speed turbulent type product flow increases even heat transfer and reduces the exposure of the product to high temperature; the final product thus processed has a better taste and does not change color.
Our plants are used to heat and cool a wide range of liquid products even with high viscosities.


  • The high processing pressure allows the remote use of No-Bac homogenizing valves, which can be used for a variety of applications, including for products with high viscosity thus removing the need to use an aseptic homogenizer and consequently greatly reducing the maintenance costs associated with the use of the homogenizers.
  • There are no seals or moving parts between the various connections, which means a significant reduction in maintenance  costs.
  • The plants using these techniques are the easiest to operate. 

Where did this "sweet innovation" come from?

It was created from the need to provide a product of quality to the catering and ice cream industry, capable of competing with the best Italian ice cream.

The idea is based on the need to transfer the result of master ice cream makers into a ready solution, just to pour and whip  and at the same time also easy to transport and store (at a maximum room temperature of 20°C).

Starting from traditional artisan ice cream labs allowed us to imitate the same process, package the product aseptically, without preservatives or other similar additives. 

Recipes for successful and tested ice cream bases - TECNO ALIMENTARE

In addition to the plant, we will provide you with all our know-how

Recipes for well-tested and successful ice cream bases, the result of multiple adjustments that enabled us to achieve the perfect combination between creaminess and taste for amazing artisan ice cream.

Do you already have your own recipes?

No worries. In fact, if you want to test them before buying the “All-in-One” system you can do so thanks to our pilot plant. 

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Test your recipes for UHT ice cream bases with All In One - TECNO ALIMENTARE

Your ice cream will be IDENTICAL to that made by hand!

We guarantee it 100%
No yellowing!
No burn taste!

In fact, our plant for producing artisan ice cream bases allows you to obtain – even after UHT processing at 140°C – a product without any organoleptic change: no yellowing and no burnt flavor.

We'll let you taste our UHT ice cream bases - TECNO ALIMENTARE

We will let you taste the extraordinary result! 
And if you wish, you can try your own recipes and products with our pilot plant.

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How to use ice cream bases for a perfect and tasty Italian artisan ice cream... few minutes!

The production process of Artisan Gelato does not require the supervision of specialized personnel since the liquid UHT ice cream mixtures are already balanced, sterilized and homogenized, you just need to simply pour them into the ice cream maker and wait about 6 to 7 minutes to have a High Quality Artisan Ice-cream. 

Thanks to the special sterilization process with our No-Bac Spiratherm Exchangers and high-pressure homogenization, a higher yield is guaranteed compared to traditional powder bases providing your UHT liquid bases with perfect and better  spreadability and creaminess.

You save more than 14 HOURS compared to traditional preparations

Your artisan ice cream is ready in just 6 to 7 MINUTES

REDUCE ENERGY COSTS and reduce your utility bills

With the All in One system, in addition to UHT artisan ice cream bases you can make:

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