Do you have a Catering company or are you in the HO.RE.CA sector and make extensive use of vegetable cooking cream?

Today you can optimize your production in a cost effective way!

Continuing to buy cooking vegetable cream from outside suppliers can be a significant cost: both in terms of material and management. Thanks to our self-production plant, today you can save money!


Cost-effective: because it was designed and conceived to optimize production costs while maintaining efficiency and high  quality.

Convenient: since you can completely avoid the use of outside suppliers, saving significantly on production costs. Also, at any time, you can produce the exact amount of cream you need, without waste.

High-performance: it is ideal for productions from 200 to 1000 l/h

Your vegetable cooking cream will always be available in the right quantity!


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All in One system

Many advantages in one plant. A winning product for an amazing result.

There are many advantages in producing your vegetable cooking cream with our All-in-One plant.

  • Sterilized at 140°C with no change in color or taste
  • Quick to make
  • High stability to heat
  • It can be flavored with: salmon, mushroom, cheese, ham and other flavors according to specific client requests
  • Only 15% vegetable fat is used to obtain a very creamy product.
  • Small production batches: from 200 to 1000 l/h
  • It can be made also using NON-HYDROGENATED vegetable fats.
Produce Vegetable Whipping Cream and Cooking Cream for Catering with All In One - TECNO FOODSTUFFS
Pilot plant for testing cooking vegetable cream recipes HORECA - TECNOALIMENTARE

In addition to the plant, we will provide you with all our know-how

Recipes, tips, procedures, careful choice of quality raw materials, and cost analysis.

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Do you already have your own recipes?

No worries. In fact, if you want to test them before buying the “All-in-One” system you can do so thanks to our pilot plant.

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Pilot plant for testing cooking vegetable cream recipes HORECA - TECNOALIMENTARE

Thanks to its high stability to heat, the cream you will produce can be successfully used for any kind of dish.

We guarantee it 100%

Pilot plant for testing cooking vegetable cream recipes HORECA - TECNOALIMENTARE

We will make you taste the amazing final result!
And if you want you can try your recipes and your products thanks to our pilot plant.

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With All in One in addition to cooking vegetable cream you can produce:

  • Vegetable whipping cream
  • All kinds of milk and creams
  • Fruit bases, sauces and toppings
  • Liquid bases for UHT ice cream: creams, fruits, slushies/sorbets
  • Soy/rice beverages, oats, almonds, etc.
  • Chocolate for variegating and filling ice cream tubs and cups.
  • Custard, panna cotta, jelly, etc.
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