A few reasons that make our UHT treatment and production plant UNIQUE on the market:


Spiratherm No-Bac heat exchangers that, thanks to a fully sealed pressurization system, guarantee initial sterilization and protect against possible contamination during product processing.


A high-speed turbulent type product flow increases even heat transfer and reduces the exposure of the product to high temperature; the final product thus processed has a better taste and does not change color.
Our plants are used to heat and cool a wide range of liquid products even with high viscosities.


  • The high processing pressure allows the remote use of No-Bac homogenizing valves, which can be used for a variety of   applications, including for products with high viscosity thus removing the need to use an aseptic homogenizer and consequently greatly reducing the maintenance costs associated with the use of the homogenizers.
  • There are no seals or moving parts between the various connections, which means a significant reduction in maintenance  costs.
  • The plants using these techniques are the easiest to operate. 

UHT treatment and production line

Indirect System starting from 100 l/h to 1000 l/h

Ultra heat treatment plants - INDIRECT system
  1. Ingredients and blending preparation line
  2. UHT sterilisation line up to 140°C equipped with homogeniser and cooling unit up to 8°C
  3. Bag in box packaging line
  4. BAG IN BOX Sterile bags available from 3 to 10 liters and over. Suitable for professional use, they assure long shelf life (12 months) at room temperature.
UHT treatment plant - Formulated product preparation group

Preparation Equipment for Formulated Products/mod. DR

This preparation equipment dissolves and mixes the several powdered ingredients to create the perfect mix between oils (lipophilic) and other liquids (hydrophilic) in steam heated tanks with automatic temperature control, to be  subsequently sent to the UHT plant for thermal process.

Since our recipes are based on vegetable fats (hydrogenated and non-hydrogenated), the system includes a dilution  tank for the fat, a mixer for the integration of the powders, oils and other liquids and a mixing tank.

The operation of the equipment is simple and fast, ensuring homogeneity of resulting product to be then processed  by the UHT plant. This phase of recipes’ preparation is very delicate and it has been designed specifically in such way that the emulsion  of water and oil is perfectly achieved to avoid separation of the finished product.

It can be customized and automated on demand with ingredients dosing systems, using PLC and electronic  instrumentation.

The full line of our preparation equipment offers the following production capacity options:

  • GP 281 unit > 70-200 l/h
  • GP 282 unit > 200-500 l/h
  • GP 283 unit > 500-1000 l/h

Indirect UHT Treatment System / mod. S.I.P. (Indirect Processing System)

Our UHT treatment plant is built using a single block and it processes the mixed product supplied by our preparation equipment, heating it up  140°C. All our plants have been designed to process up to 4,000 cps, thanks to our extensive experience acquired on American high-tech UHT plants. With our system, we guarantee a top-quality finished product meeting any performance need of the market.

Ultra heat treatment indirect plant - TECNO ALIMENTARE

Since it can reach a sterilization temperature of 140°C in 4 seconds, the product is processed in a delicate way. If an  aseptic filling machine is installed at the product outlet, we can guarantee a shelf-life of bag-in-box of 12 months. If the product is expected to be used soon, it can be kept in cold storage at 2-3°C and with a shelf-life of 15-20 days.

This single block can also be used for laboratory tests and small batches. It is equipped with all the existing industrial production systems and the possibility to operate variable processes  (quantity, pressure, and temperature).

Furthermore, it allows carrying out any production optimization test and for the research and development of new  products.  It is possible to automate the functions of the system on demand, through the use of a PLC and monitoring software.

We customize all of our systems according to the specific requests of our clients based on the type of product.

The full line of our preparation equipment offers the following production capacity options:

  • GS200 Plant > variable capacity 70-200 l/h
  • GS500 Plant > variable capacity 200-500 l/h
  • GS1000 Plant > variable capacity 800-1000 l/h
Aseptic filling machine - UHT treatment plant - TECNO ALIMENTARE

Aseptic filler

Compact aseptic filler with 1 “filling head for liquid, dense and viscous products in flexible bags” with 1 (heat  resistant) cap.

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Crem Express


Barilla Group






Cono D’Oro srl


Mancuso & C. srl




CO.DA.P. di Marcianise


Granarolo S.p.A.


Cirio, Polenghi, De Rica


La Trinacria Dalli Cardillo S.p.A


Pasticceria Veneta


Botech Gida ltd




Gruppo Kezdi Lacto COOP


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